• Bristol

    So, you want a bike? One that helps you get with swift ease from A to B. And then from B to C. And so on. Here it is, no-nonsense, no frills, no bells and whistles (though a Pelago Bell for signalling is good, sure).
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  • Brooklyn

    Daily city riding requires a lot yet is best packaged in simplicity. Pelago Brooklyn is a classic with all the timeless qualities that give you a reliable servant for getting on with your daily business and pleasure in the city.
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  • Åbo

    The newest addition to Pelago’s bike lineup is Pelago Åbo, a bike named after old Finnish capital, Turku which in Swedish is ‘Åbo’. You might not know that Finland is a country with two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. This means that a lot of places are known by two names. It creates richness to culture, a shared history which exists in everyday life of city dweller.
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  • Borgå

    Pelago wants to tribute the Swedish language heritage of Finland with a new model which combines the familiar with subtle twist. Pelago Borgå, Swedish name for Porvoo, is a 3-speed bike for daily riding but also for shorter trips out of town. When you are looking for a reliable tool for daily commuting or transporting within the urban areas, Pelago Borgå is there for you.
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